Recap of Pura Vintage Festival 2017

Last night, my Salsa Gas Tank was topped off and filled to the brim with extremely pleasurable dances and highly stimulating music that pleased my Salsa Ears And Corazon- shout out to all of the DJs! And while I did capture a few social dances on tape, I got so into my OWN social dancing or, as was often the case, was so mesmerized and/or paralyzed witnessing some of the Legends or Rising Talent dancing that I actually forgot my role as a Salsa Documentarian and didn’t capture some really great footage. I was just TOO BUSY enjoying myself in the present as a dancer and soaking in the moment that I forgot to get into my normal crazed and focused mode to push people out of my way to either grab my camera or stake a good position to tape.   Also worthy to mention that the DC Salsa Community came out to support our Regional Neighbor’s event in full force- Awesome!

But what REALLY set the stage for this FABULOUS EVENT were the Shows. I saw one of the absolute BEST, Top Quality, & Tightest collection of performances at a Festival EVER! Worse decision ever made- NOT TAPING THE SHOWS! Tightly curated at 11 performances and Not ONE FILLER in the Bunch! Each Show just freaking stood out and were entertaining on so many different levels. DC Represented Big Time and made me PROUD in the Form of Ardiente (KAPOW), Ferocity Dance Company (WOW), and Latin Vintage DC;s Strong Debut (BAM)- So much young and rising talent in DC! Legend Ana Masacote’s Solo was an Afro Cuban Mambo Sensual Delight. Benjamin Cartagena and Sophia Marzan of Salsa Synergy- a study in Marvelous Athleticism in the execution of Tricks paired with Pinpoint technique along with an incredible choreo executed flawlessly. Elvis Collado’s Team was filled with Stunners straight out of Central Casting who thankfully also possessed strong technique, projected smoothness and poise, and synchronicity culminating in a delightful and sumptuous performance. Elvis Collado & Melanie Castillo’s Unexpected yet Fantastic & Sexy Hustle performance- I now want to learn Hustle STAT. Elvis Collado & Brianna Rios’s Exciting Choreo and Execution with visually stimulating costumes. Ernesto Bulnes & Denisse Cambria Performance- Sheer Perfection & Heat in all Things Mambo, Afro Cuban, & Salsa. Julissa Cruz & Alejandro- Delightful Energetic Funky display of Natural dance talent pair with superior technique. Latin Vintage VA representing Richmond to the Max with an entertaining show.

In sum, a Fantastic event I won’t soon forget. Huge congratulations to Julissa Cruz for her passion, commitment, and hard work in putting Richmond, VA on the National Salsa Map with this annual event!