About Me

In cahoots with my pops Mr. Mambo, I have been the Co-Organizer of DC’s Premier & Longest Running Bi-Monthly Salsa & Bachata Dance Event, the Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social w/The Bachata Invasion, since January 2005.  As a hardcore social dancer with a pronounced passion for salsa, I have become known as an aggressive promoter of all things Salsa Dance.  My strengths include the following self-proclaimed titles: Salsa Journalist,  prolific amateur Videographer of the Salsa Bachata lifestyle w/legendary sub-par video/editing skills, and Regaler of my quirky experiences.  Bonus- I love House Music, R&B/Soul, & Bossa Nova.  My weaknesses would allow that I am prone to becoming a garden variety bore if allowed to speak uninterrupted as well as being a failing upward writer of insignificant notoriety which would includes spewing useless facts, gossip, & opinions shamelessly unsubstantiated.

About Tanyajsmith.com

This website is devoted to a few disparate categories.

  1. FULL DISCLOSURE- I promote for Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social AND Mr. Mambo’s Events
  2. WEEKLY HOTSPOTS- Monthly Calendar for Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba DANCE Events in DC/MD/VA Updated Weekly
  4. RECAPS/REVIEWS of Salsa Congresses/Festivals/Special Workshops
  5. ADVERTISING Featuring anything dance/media/creative related for pay
  6. RANDOM- This Blog serves as an outlet for my writing on any other random topic that comes to my mind.

Bottomline, outside of Salsa and Bachata, I have several diverse interests that involve being a diverse music lover who is a highly open minded yet liberal leaning follower of politics and conspiracy theories, devourer of urban & pop culture, and connoisseur of off-color humor.  So be prepared to frequently see posts involving ANYTHING I WANT randomly without rhyme or reason at my whim and discretion.