About Last Night- The Election of President Donald Trump

I went to bed last night before finding out who would be crowned El Presidente of the United States of America and woke up racing to my computer to check underneath the proverbial TREE to see if America received a shiny gift or a lump of coal from Santa Claus. Upon getting the great reveal, several random thoughts buzz around in my head.

America has been a naughty boy so this “gift” of “coal” proceeds logically given America’s naughty ways over the past decades to its own citizens it feels are inferior (minorities & poor people) and in actions towards the world at large.

President Trump is America’s Brexit.

It’s time to move more aggressively in the stock market and go on a buying spree because I predict the market will probably crash a lot over the next 4 years. I might be able to fund my retirement sooner than I thought.

OMG, The Supreme Court. No words.

I told my Dad almost a year ago that although I liked the idea of Hillary Clinton as President, I thought that it would be tough for America to elect her after 8 years of Obama mainly because I felt there was no way that America would elect a WOMAN or another MINORITY after 8 years under the leadership of a Black Guy. Everyone could see that President Barak Obama was a bitter pill for America’s majority to swallow the sight of a Black Man in the Oval Office telling them what to do- A woman serving the next 4 years would just send them right over the edge. My prognostications to my Dad was that she could probably win in 2020 after another White Male was President but not before.

Now, I’m not so sure Hillary Clinton could ever win the Presidency. People just don’t want to see ANOTHER Clinton in the White House, too consuming is America’s hatred towards the Clintons. Further, she never completely won over democrats loyalty so her goose was cooked from Day 1.

Given the mood of the country and the true racial animus revealed by the silent majority, my gut tells me that says there will be a long dark winter before another Minority wins the majority in a race for the President for many years to come.

My trip to Cuba is legally probably still a go.  The overtures towards Cuba will likely remain ongoing because President Trump will surely have one of his surrogates (his kids) build a Casino, Hotel, and several other lucrative real estate developments.

I’m so glad that I already made moves to protect my loved ones but pray for those whose family members may feel scared or are in limbo with their status because of this new development.

People didn’t want the Status Quo (Hillary Clinton or any of the GOP candidates running in the state primaries) so instead, they voted for the unknown and uncontrolled. This includes to substantial amounts of Black and Brown people who voted for Trump. Now deal with the consequences.

Sincere Congratulations to Donald Trump on your historic upset. Much respect because You are obviously crazy like a fox beating all of those professionals and citizens alike who dismissed you as much hot air that would soon dissipate as well as those advisers who kept trying to get you to comport yourself like a civilized sane man to appeal to the majority, which you determined was decidedly UNNECESSARY to win. You dismissed them all, stuck to your guns and game plan, knew who your audience was and focused on them, and here we are today for the next 4 years.

Good luck, America– I suspect we will need it.