Commentary on Shows at Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress 2017

Its tough to commit to doing a Live Blog during Shows when your phone refuses to stay charged- No Gawd. But I want to recognize and shout out the following groups who held my interest and made me sit up in watchful attention, considering their artistry and masterful execution.

In no particular order,

Los Mamberos Show was aesthetically pleasing and highly entertaining.

Art in Motion/Philly performed a wonderful Boogaloo that was sharp and had mad flava.

Antonio Doza’s Linda De Doza Group which also included Antonio along with David Cuevas was a delight and nice visual change from the regular format of all girl style groups.

Harrold & Regan/Canada Bachata Cabaret Champs absolutely KILLED during their show- Breathtaking to watch.

Roberto & Isabel’s too smooth Show with Pin Prick Technique was a feast for my eyes.

Regrettably I don’t know the name of the ensemble but 2 shows from the Group of Colombian Salsa Kids from New Jersey Stood out- Their Finale and a show that had a precocious 2 ft tall Salsero Assassin with crazy Sabor and Mambo footwork. The little one was hugely impressive and large on dancer talent and technique. I was sitting beside his mother and when he leapt into his mom’s lap after his show, I hesitantly complimented him and mom both for his superior display of performance chops on stage in Spanish. He and his mother had NO TIME for my butchered Spanish mutterings and they responded sweetly in English that they appreciated my verbal applause regardless of the low class Spanish format it was delivered in.

Manuel Dos Santos – Funky Afro House Solo projected with his legendary stage charisma and flyness. This guy has mastered so many dance forms From Hip Hop to Mambo to Kizomba to Afro House to what ever he focuses on. Has the true dancer’s spirit.

Charlie & Delia- Amazing & Fierce but that was expected, yes?