Broken Body, Happy Soul

I got home last night at nearly 5am with my body broken into little pieces- feet cramping in spasms with Big Toes curled into a semi-perpetual painful hunch, my knees buckling, feeling weightless and threatening disconnection from my joints, & lower back throbbing. This can only mean one thing- a dual Good Dance AND Work Night at Mr Mambo’s VA, HA!

Relaxing and applying some strong self massage to my toes to ease them back into their normal positioning so I can hopefully POTENTIALLY continue the good times on the dance floor TODAY. LOTS of options- Bachata Brunch Day Party at Stanton & Greene in DC where they actually do play some SALSA so that the Bachataholic regulars can take a breather and get a drink while allowing Salsaholics like myself to get in some dancing. 2nd stop, say Hi to the peeps at Salsa Underground & get some quick dances in with some of my FAV DC dancers. Last, head to Los Chicas Locas DJ (Lucky Strikes for the uninitiated) to hang out with some friendly GOOD Dancers from Texas who hung out at Mr. Mambo’s last night bringing good cheer, good vibes, good dance energy, & BADASS Technique to ALL in their dance path- Johan Ibanez Vasquez and Alyssa Ibanez. They will be teaching a class and social dancing at Lucky Strikes. Happy Dancing, everyone!