Short Impressions of Performances at NY Salsa Congress

NY Salsa Congress 2014  performances which stood out for one reason or another.

Eddie Torres & Vanessa (Italy) Funk/Pachanga Routine- This performance needs to be a building block for a one year installation in Vegas with all that involves including a hour long show with Eddie Torres Dancers, Mambo Legends Band, The Shiny Flashy Costumes, Shooting Fire & Water Theatrics, ALL THAT! Eddie Torres is a Mambo Icon, a Legend, an Innovator, and his universal dance talent and charisma transcends simple descriptions of Salsa or Mambo. He is the Michael Jackson of Mambo/Salsa and its time for him to get stupid paid.

Starlight Dance Studio: Heartbreak Boys– Sabor, Attitude, Flava, Great Energy.

MDN Dancers NJ– Awesome Costumes & Color Combos especially the ladies. My Dad mentioned that they look like they would be good social dancers (a compliment).

Vaya!Sato & Yuko Akiba Bosch (Japan) – Great Designer Couture looking costumes giving me Versace teas from the late 80s/early 90s.

Art in Motion- Choreo & Execution entertaining mix of moderna & traditional (Dominican style).

Balmir Dance Pro Kizomba- Interesting Kizomba & Afro House choreo. I like.

Tropical Image Elite– Crisp, technical expertise demonstrated.

Balmir Elite Ladies Team– Long Legs.

Elite Stars– Young Boys with a lot of pizzaz.

Antonio Doza Williams & Tiffany Benson– I like both of these dancers’ styles/look and admire their technical dance expertise.

Frank Muhul y Su Conguero– Young Boy playing the Congas KILLING IT! Grammy in his future.

Baila Conmigo– Big Kid Couple John & Johanna- Fantastic Tricks!

Lorenz Dancers– 9 couples opened the shows Sunday Night. Stunningly synchronistic, very smooth, great energy projected, crazy turnpatterns.

Diva Salsa Challenge by Karel Flores– Definitely Karel’s Style. Nicely done.

Rodrigo & Wendy Jiminez- Strong Flamenco & Tango Influence with Salsa ON1 Choreo. Great lines, elegant.

Andy Cruz & partner– Crazy good energy, great footwork, sassy performance. Andy sold it and I’m buying.

Eddie Torres & Vanessa– Hot like Fiyah Afro Cuban Movements and Shines to a Mambo Song w/Timba like influences.

Godsell Dance Collective– Broadway Show Quality, Engaging, Enjoyable, Dance tells a story.

Fausto Felix & Isabel Freiberger– 1920s Jazz Renaissance Influence, Big Band Era, Extremely Elegant and Opulent, Classy as Heck but not boring, Great Tricks, Great Gatsby Game Proper, Standing Ovation from the Crowd.

Karisma Dance Company– Never disappointed by what this group brings to the table. Typifies NY Cool Mambo Style at its best.

New Tribe Mike’s Solo (France)– Off the Chainz showcasing perfectly different dance styles from Hip Hop, Popping, Salsa, Afro Cuban, Afro House. Extremely Entertaining and a Crowd pleaser- tough for a solo at to do.

La Fuerza & D’Corr Collaboration- Freaking Awesome Production so very well done! Broadway, Fame (TV Show), Sabor, Kept my attention from beginning to the end. Excellent from choreo, energy, to execution.

Karel Flores Ladies Pro (with One Guy)– Sexy as Heck. Such an unexpected yet wonderfully delightful touch of having a guy in a ladies styling group. He did all of the same choreo but was all man about it. Inspired casting, great execution.

Tito & Tamara- Brilliantly colored costumes.

Caribbean Soul Mambo– Enjoyable, Charming Music, Technical Excellence, Love.

La Fuerza Pro Team Bachata– Great Routine, Synchronized, Great Energy.

Al Liquid Silver and Danielle from Florida– Iron Man theme, Fantastic Costume, Fabulous routine, Engaging, the girl is a phenomenal gymnast and dancer. Standing Ovation.

New Tribe Couple (France)– Dynamic, Awesome Tricks, Fierce Execution, Girl with Burgundy hair fly as heck, Great storytelling with the music, lots of fantastic musical switches between hard movements and soft (smooth movements), great flow, not a static routine.

D’Corr Dance Company by Maria Ramos– Choreo theme was a tribute to the victims of Domestic Violence. Artistic to the max, executed wonderfully for such a heavy subject matter. Mind blown.

Carmen Lorente & Adrian (Spain)– Dramatic execution. The guy’s face was fierce, beat, 10s across the board, worthy of first name only.

Franklin Diaz with group (Jariel Garcia & other guy) and surprise performance with Mambo Goddess Griselle Ponce– Lots of cool pieces to this performance. Small Live Band of 3 Musicians on stage left to provide the musical accompaniment. 1st Routine with Franklin & his guy group, 2nd routine a Franklin Solo, 3rd piece Franklin with Griselle Ponce. Everything about this performance was All That. Engaging, Musical, Footwork Fever, Sabor, Charm. And Griselle Ponce is Back and she still Has IT.

Karen y Ricardo (Chile)– Tricks for the Gawds! Technical precision. Dynamic, Entertaining, Show Stopper Routine done perfectly. Standing Ovation.

Baila Conmigo- ALL OF THE KIDS from small toddlers to young adults. A Production that had to be tough to coordinate but they pulled it off magnificently. Huge crowd pleaser. Tricks serious at breakneck speed. Crowd roared and jumped to their feet. Perfect end to the shows.