Well I Never- A Girl Cut in on my Salsa Dance at Lucky Strike DC Tonight?!

As a battle scarred Salsa Social Dancer of many years in many locales, I thought I had seen and experienced it all on the dance floor but apparently I had not. I was having a good time at Lucky Strikes tonight, methodically picking off particular leads present whom I had organized on my internal hit list for a dance when I suddenly spotted Nationally Acclaimed Hand Dancer/West Coast Swing Champ Markus Smith dancing a Funky Salsa across the room. I made a beeline to his location where he was currently entertaining the lady with a smooth lead and fancy footwork and patiently (IMPATIENTLY) waited for the next dance with him. When the next song began, I wedged myself politely (Ok, AGGRESSIVELY) within his immediate radius while he was exchanging last niceties with his last dance partner indicating I had NEXT.

Our dance was filled with promise and was just hitting its stride going into unknown thrilling territory via his on the spot musicality fusing with the song when out of the blue, a girl with 4 inch heels planted her self between us while we were doing shines and started TWERKING/SHIMMYING/WIGGLING and doing other non regulation Salsa moves that are probably OLD HAT in a Strip Club. My mistake was backing up, thinking this was just a temporary invasion and the nice lady who appeared intoxicated by the Holiday “Spirits” she purchasd at the bar would soon go away. But she obviously viewed my backing up as complete abdication of the dance and she grabbed Markus’s hands in triumph and took over the dance.

I gracefully bowed out (I WAS FURIOUS) and “LET” her commandeer the dance as Markus looked at my helplessly and very confused. She then proceeded to Bounce, Shake, and use Markus’s hands as a bar while she dipped to the floor to do a spirited twerk session. I was relegated to the background watching this while doing a side by side basic MORTIFIED. It would have been awesome had I not just been ganked out of my great dance with a fantastic dancer I don’t get to see more than 1 or 2X year.
Finally, she stumbled away and Markus and I reconnected to dance for the last 20 seconds of the song while promising each other we would dance the next song to make up for the lady’s intrusion on our moment on the dance floor. But that game plan was foiled because after the song ended, there was a Bachata Bday Dance and Percussion Show. Of course, I could not catch Markus again for another free dance because his dance card wait time is usually 3-4 girls deep at anytime. I don’t begrudge the girl (Yeah Right) but it definitely sapped my spirits and I left shortly after. Don’t know how else I could have handled this situation delicately since she was definitely flying high on some sort of artificial stimulant and people in such heightened states are prone to react rather aggressively when engaged or confronted in a manner they don’t like. Maybe next time something like this happens, I just go with the flow and start twerking along with the girl behind my partner in a Twerk Sandwich. On second thought, I hope this happens Never EVER Ever EVER again, lmao.

  • Mandisa

    “non regulation Salsa moves” — I hollared. Generously.

    • Tanya J Smith

      Hahaha. While not Salsa, she was twerking like a old pro…..