Top 5 Salsa Videos from SalsaCon1 Festival in Seoul, Korea

I attended the SalsaCon 1 Festival otherwise known as the Seoul Salsa Experience Oct 7- Oct 14, 2013 organized by Worldwide.  It was  GLORIOUS and I would recommend Seoul as a must go to/must experience destination for any self-respecting Salsa Mambo Dance nut. Click here to read about my experience:

Jimmy & Saori.  1,161 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 3/0.

Sol & Basara.  879 Views.  Likes/Dislikes – 4/0

Salsa Dancing at Turn Club.  519 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 2/0.

Chris & Partner.  492 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 5/0.

Erik & Mimi.  449 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 1/0.

More videos from the SalsaCon1 Festival can be view on Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social Youtube Channel: