Top 5 Reasons Hardcore Salseros should go to the DC Bachata Congress Aug 25-29, 2016  

The DC Bachata Congress is going down this weekend bringing you  3 days and 4 nights of Latin Dance Bedlam at the Renaissance Hotel.  This is more than a Bachata Festival- it is an International Latin Dance Festival.

Here are FIVE Reasons Salseros should Attend:

5)  Salsa Concerts by Frankie Ruiz Jr,Rumba y Sabor De Los Hermanos Galvan Band, Official Ray Baretto Tribute Band from NYC!

4) Workshops offered from World Recognized Champions of Salsa Dance.  Great opportunity to learn something new, improve your foundation, refine your dance in a scholarly dance setting.

3) There is a Separate Ballroom Devoted to All Things Salsa Social Dance for 4 Straight Nights.

2) Many High Level Bachateros or Bachata Pro Dancers USED to be High Level Salsa Dancers on the regular.  They still like to dance Salsa and you can often catch these former Salsa Pros or high level dancers in the Salsa Room at some point during this festival to test your skill and get a thrilling, satisfying dance to notch on your dance card if you play your cards right when they enter the ballroom.

1) Out of Town Fresh Meat– New People to Dance with and experience on the dance floor from around the world.  The DC Bachata Congress is in fact a International Latin Dance Festival that Features COPIOUS amounts Salsa Pro, Semi Pro, & Student Teams performing 4 nights straight and teaching workshops every hour of the workshop schedule.  This fact alone attracts a HECK OF ALOT of out of town Salseros for potential dance partners.

BONUS- During your short water breaks or breathers from non-stop salsa dancing, you can Peak into the Ballrooms of OTHER Latin Dance Genres like Bachata (Duh), Kizomba, and a 24hour ballroom to just soak in the music and get inspiration from other dance forms!