The Day I Knew I would Leave My Job

Being Comfortable is for Kids. ¬†Yesterday for me was one of life’s emotional rollercoaster rides of wtf, mild embarrassment, lols, & extreme hunger while working strenuously to maintain my cool in the presence of human crazy. I went into work believing I had lost my job- at my instigation. While I have been itching to leave my do-nothing, dead-end job for almost 2 years now, I remained because it was convenient (10 minute commute), I was allowed many liberties, and many times I didn’t have to work with anyone else or answer to anyone else but my boss (less drama). In effect, I was muy comfortable but also stuck in a job that advanced me not one iota in any regard. But earlier this week , I was told that I would lose some of those coveted perks that had made me so comfortable and stuck like a content pig in slop filled trough.

So in response (and with a wee bit of concealed anger), I boldly told my boss of my plans to leave by February since I was losing those comfortable perks that had been keeping me there past my expire date. What resulted was a day off for me per week (my suggestion) as a poison pill as I knew this would cause her some hardship and I took that day THE NEXT DAY. Her response? She Sort of Fired me over the phone on Friday- Wait, What?! Not quite the response I was looking for, LMAO!!! I freely admit that the timing of me potentially losing my job yesterday was going to cause me some Hardship (THE IRONY) because I hadn’t done much to prepare for a golden parachute somewhere else this soon and was loathed to go through my savings to support myself until I had found another job. Yet and still, after having my boss go all emo on me in front of others (THE HORROR) for about an hour (TOO LONG, DAGNABIT, TOO LONG!!!) vacillating between anger, regret, exuberance, and finally resignation that I was still going to ultimately leave, I succeeded in keeping a calm head and not going absolutely ballistic on her as the little devil on my shoulder was encouraging me to do.

The end result- extra pay as incentive to stay and days off during the week whenever I need it. I’m still leaving in February as I originally told her but I now believe my boss and I have reached a new understanding in our work relationship (SORT OF, I HOPE) where we can work without strife & drama in the interim. It pays to stand up to people (CALMLY), stick to your guns (OCCASIONALLY), and let them know that they don’t have any power over you to stop you from your destiny (NEVER BUT BE PREPARED!).

Written on January 31, 2014