Sweet Dreams are Made of Salsa Dancing

Hella late but FINALLY on my way to the NY International Salsa Dance Festival on good ole trusty Megabus, Excited to get to the city to see old friends and make some new ones on the dance floor and in workshops in a new venue! Made a new temporary friend while standing in line for the 12:30 midnight train to NYC, who was in town for the USA vs Peru Soccer game at RFK and who had not pre-purchased her ticket back to NYC, which meant she was going to be relegated to the standby line in hopes of snagging an open seat on the bus. We had quite the lively and engaging conversation centered around family and other mutually mundane areas of our respective lives and I didn’t even mention Salsa to her one time.  I was content to remain undercover as a Salsa Superhero who lives a glamorous lifestyle traveling to different locales to dance with strange men at a moment’s notice and instead,  reveled in her vibrant normalcy as much as I could relate to it it, from a former life.

Based on our promising developing rapport, I promised to save her a seat in hopes that she would secure one of the few standby seats available. I tried to advise her that 15 minutes before the bus was scheduled to depart was NOT the time to run to the vending machines to get some last minute vittles but she was optimistic at her prospects of and I suppose, fueled by her hunger pains.  Alas,  her fate was sealed as she returned to the standby line AFTER it had became 10 people deep waiting ahead of her and sadly, the bus only had space for 8 more people. I reluctantly gave up the seat I was holding for her and waved her a hearty goodbye wishing her a good life and a warm seat while waiting for the next bus at 5am.  Salsa waits for NO ONE, Honey.  Will use my remaining time wisely to rest up for the Salsa Games that await me.   NYC, here I come!