Salsa Dance Lost a Good One- John Choko Knight, Organizer of the NY Salsa Congress & Salsa ON2 Shirts Creator

I was hoping with all my heart that this news was not true and but based on the posts from NYC, apparently, it is true. With a heavy heart, I send out condolences to the family of John Choco Knight Organizer of the NY Salsa Congress, the NY Salsa Community, and the International Salsa Latin Dance Community at large. Although there had been a large chorus of people who have maintained that the NY Salsa Congress had gone down in quality after it passed hands to Choko, that Congress was the one that informed and inflamed my passion for Salsa and put me within spitting distance of Salsa Legends, Pros, Legendary Salsa Social Dancers, Performers, and the NY Salsa Mambo Community. This Congress was the only one that I made a standing date for almost every year for the last 10 years without fail and have enjoyed immensely. I also was a student from a far of Choko’s promotional verve and talent. This guy was operating at the top of his game at peak grade putting together a colossal event that played to an international audience. For that, he always had my respect and my admiration. Very sad I am today.

For those who knew John Knight, organizer of the NY Salsa Congress affectionately known as “Choko”, AND for those who are uniformed or don’t quite know the history and significance of John Choko Knight’s Legacy to Salsa Dance particularly his contribution to the spread of Mambo Dance around the world otherwise known as Salsa ON2, do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to read this pleasurable, brilliant personal synopsis and personal historical record by Shaka Brown.