Salsa Cardio Fitness A Must

Good Dance night, at least for ME, last Thursday at The Salsa Room in Arlington, VA. DJ Hercules was playing some good stuff that had me itching to dance every song and quite a few good leads came out to play. I even asked 2 totally new guys to dance and danced with one new guy who requested a dance ON5 (his consistent natural timing, apparently) while valiantly attempting to keep the timing with him without a frown or smirk- Give this girl a medal! Satisfying dances overall although one challenging lead- I say this in a good way- reinforced the notion that I need to go out dancing more often each week. My Salsa Cardio VO2 Max Rate is PISS POOR!  I was huffing and puffing and gasping all through the high energy dance.  And this wasn’t the result of a fast song but just some vigorous, whippit-fast turn patterns.  Time to get back into Salsa Shape.