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Video RECAP w/13 Random Thoughts About the 2015 DC CAPITAL CONGRESS

  June 11-15, 2015 had me getting No sleep, No food, & losing my voice from– you guessed it- no sleep &  no food while running on 24/7 fumes taking workshops, watching performances, social dancing, and dance shoe retail therapy for  4 nights straight pretty much sums up my GLORIOUS Experience at the 2015 DC Capital Congress.  This congress is ...

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Thursday Night Shenanigans at The DC Salsa Capital Congress

Nice representation at the opening night of the 11th Annual DC Capital Congress!   Intimate crowd of dancers who were friendly and ready to mingle on the dancefloor with everyone. The theme was short shorts and there were a sea of legs of various tonality ready to meet the challenge. Some men also indulged in the theme with special award going ...

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Weekend Dance Scorecard- Grade B MINUS

This weekend felt like old times in that I went out dancing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- something that would not have been an unusual thing to note just 2 years ago, just business as usual. Friday was my exploratory dance night soaking in the Semba/Kizomba scene mainly from the sidelines at Oscar B.A.‘s Semba Weekender event with running commentary from ...

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