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Me and Social Dancing Dips Not Usually On Speaking Terms

I generally don’t like Dips and warn all prospective dance partners against any attempts at doing them with me if I even sense they are “Dippers”. If I haven’t properly vetted the Dipping potential of a partner and they attempt to Dip me while we dance, I kindly tell them- while we are fumbling through their Dip attempt gone horribly ...

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Every Dance Matters

Tonight, I had 7 dances at The Clarendon Grill with every level of dancer from advanced beginner to beginner advanced. And all of the dances were good in 7 different ways. They included the known dancer, the unknown dancer, the really challenging and stimulating dancer, the flirtatious dancer with history, the unexpectedly good dancer out of nowhere, the dancer I ...

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Getting to the Salsa Club Early

Tonight (Wed, Feb 5, 2014) was the first time in years I arrived at a Salsa Club as early as 9pm but it was well worth it- so many fun dances and DJ Lorenzo Haire was rocking the house at The New Zanzibar! But the absolute highlight that put me on a Salsa cloud 9 tonight was a dance that ...

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