RECAP & [VIDEOS] From Jovanny’s Mambo House Party

One of the perks of being a bonafide member of the DC Salsa Community is that you get invites to Private Mambo House Parties.  These House Parties almost always center around the celebration of someone’s birthday and tend to fall on days when there isn’t a Salsa Social so there are no conflicts in schedules.  Historically, the houses themselves are usually very nice structures and well appointed with overly large converted dance floors with gorgeous wood floors that would rival any dance studio in town.  And let’s not forget the most important factor- THEY ARE FREE!

Sat, Nov 29 was no different at Jovanny Aguirre’s House Party somewhere FAR OUT in Northern Virginia.   The festivities began around 7pm with food, drink, and small talk.  I didn’t get there til 10:00pm and people were still piling in.   What a wonderful house with an AWESOME Addition that had a delightful Cozy Kitchen that bled into a fantastically large Den with the BEST WOODEN FLOORS for Dancing!   Although I wasn’t at my physical best with a fledgling cold and almost full blown laryngitis. that didn’t stop me from parking myself right on the dancefloor to put in some work!  Music was fantastic, pretty people with friendly happy faces, alcohol, food, comfy surroundings and of course, some darn good dancing with some of my FAV dancers! Made the 40 minute drive along winding dark roads totally WORTH IT!  

Unfortunately, I was forced to leave the party right around the time that all of the Who’s Who of DC Salsa along with a few WHO’S DAT finally made themselves present and accounted for, Packing out BOTH Dancefloors but I still had a BLAST!    Of course everyone told me the next day how I missed so much great dancing AND a one off Salsa Stand-show by Salsero Christian Evans- Wow!  Nonetheless, my short time there was wonderful!  Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to your soiree, Jovanny!  Another Great DC Mambo Party in the history books!