Recap of Mr. Mambo’s

Half a Happy Meal Sized Recap. I’ve racked my brain but I just can’t figure out WHY over 300 people converged on Mr. Mambo’s last night?! Not that I’m not ecstatic about this but I really NEED to know why so we can REPLICATE THIS SCENARIO! Was it the fact that DJ Renzo aka Lorenzo Haire played his last stand at Mr. Mambo’s as one of the ORIGINAL FLY RESIDENT Mr. Mambo’s DJs before moving to Florida permanently? Was it the Blazing (in more ways than one) debut of DJ Emerzive Emerson Morales) in the Bachata Invasion? Or could it have been the chance to win 2 Free Full Passes to the NYC Salsa Congress this August courtesy of Richmond’s Salsa Meetup Coordinator/Promoter David Prado (Congratulations to Winners Nathaniel Dennis and Kelly Kitchens)? I guess I will never know definitively but what I DO KNOW is that last night was OFF. THE. FREAKING. TRAIN. TRACKS!

The music was a Non-Stop Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Kizomba LOVEFEST with ALL THANKS due to DJ Steve Martin, DJ Renzo, & DJ Emerzive resulting in both dance floors PACKED TO THE GILLS a good deal of the night! Salsa y Bachata Workshops were at Full Capacity and FUN thanks to PsyniiGianni Scott, Irene Holtzman, Juan Aristy, & Tommy Smith, Psyniigianni Scott II! Budding Young High School Salseros Levi Diaz and Alicia Escoto were Deflowered with their FIRST Salsa Birthday Dance by the DC Salsa Verterans present and Loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Much love to the Special Guests in the House and on the Dancefloor- Former Yamulee Principal Dancer Amauri Guillen AND Former World Salsa Champion Eli Torres w/New Partner Daniel, Paula Peró and her mob of Young Salseros from Einstein High Schools TITANES SALSERSOs Dance Troup, UVA Salseros, Sentimiento Dance Team w/Co-Director Brandon Bachata, Ferocity Dance Team w/Director Kat Arias, Conga Beat Dance Company w/ Abdul Al-Ali & Diana Hsiao, Richie Deguia & Alexandria from Hampton Rds!

Also Huge Thanks to Mr. Mambo’s Angel Volunteers Keva Price and Anne Nguyen whose help is always needed and appreciated!

Next Mr. Mambo’s is our Special 1st Saturday 50/50 Salsa Bachata Party in the Main Ballroom NEXT SAT, AUG 2, 2014 at The Hollywood Ballroom with the Return of the Original Host of the Mr. Mambo Bachata Invasion Yulio Jeisson Gamonal Gutierrez and DJ Emersive!

Written July 27, 2014