NY Salsa Congress Always Has My Heart

1st Hour Recap of NY Salsa Congress 2014. Just made it to the Hilton International NYC, got a free cup of hot coco courtesy of HiltonHonors, and picked up my full pass. NY Salsa Congress has been a staple in my dance shelf life since 2005 with me missing only 3 years due to Life’s variables.

People come for different reasons like sampling the many workshops taught by world class pros, the dazzling performances that often identifies the next generation of Pros or cements the reputation and relevancy of existing Pros, the spectacle of some of the best and most beautiful social dancers on the planet living out their craft on the dancefloor with their own kind, the chance to sightsee and shop in one of the greatest cities on earth while getting in some quality dancing, or just the opportunity to dance with so many new hardcore dancers who share the same passion of Salsa music and dance.

But lately for me, the joy of coming to this Congress is the chance to reconnect with dance friends met over the years who you only get to see once or twice a year. Its like a family renuion. Already I’ve kissed and hugged several peeeps from NY AND DC. Feels like a homecoming of my 2nd spiritual home. I love it, the feeling of seeing family again!