Mr. Mambo’s BDAY Salsa & Bachata Social

Recap of Mr. Mambo’s Sept 14, 2014.  Such a wonderful and enjoyable night for dancing Salsa and Bachata at Mr. Mambo’s! The Crowd of 280 included So many NEW faces and So many FAMILIAR Faces coming together to Fete my Dad, Mr. Mambo, for his birthday while creating awesome vibes, sexy atmosphere, and good times on the dance floor! Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to celebrate his Bday- my Dad discovered who his friends are and made plenty MORE friends in the bargain! Almost Perfect Night!

Special Thanks to Psyon D. Scott, General Yoon, & Yulio for Top Shelf Class Instruction in the fundamentals of Salsa, Mambo, & Bachata right before Dancing!

DJ Neo, DJ Steve Martin, & DJ Yulio took NO PRISONERS on the Dancefloor playing Flava after Flava Hot Tracks! Both Dancefloors – the Salsa/Mambo and the Bachata Invasion- STAYED Packed during the Peak Hours of 11pm-1am so you know they did their job WELL!

The Birthday Dance was filled with many lovely ladies who showed Mr. Mambo MUCHO Love!

HUGE Thanks and LOVE to Letisha Kishna Wander for providing an absolutely Beautiful, Humongous, absolutely Delicious Birthday Cake for everyone to eat!

Shout-outs going out to Notable visitors from out of town- Ismael Otero and Jose Luis of the Internationally Acclaimed Caribbean Soul Dance Company and Tharon Shawntae Smith Direct from China! These Dancers made DC’s Follows AND Leads very happy on the dancefloor!

CUBANO GROOVE Band was freaking AWESOME! This 5 piece Combo played Classic, DANCEABLE Salsa that filled the cavernous Ballroom of Mr. Mambo’s as if they had 12 pieces! Songs played were in the pocket in synch, the band sound was crystal clear and sweet sounding, the singer was really THE BUSINESS with awesome melody, perfect pitch, and silkiness, and the songs were no more than 7 minutes long and of a manageable tempo. A couple of people told me that when they walked into the Ballroom while the Band was playing, they assumed it was the DJ- Such was the good sound this Band produced. Most of the feedback from others I received about the Band was A+. There was that SMALL, TEENY TINY MATTER of a Merengue that was played by the Band close to 1am when only the most hardcore Mambo Dancers were left which would seem to signal that Hell just froze over………………………………­………….but we won’t let that one little OFF NOTE spoil the praises that I am heaping on this band, deservedly so. My dad and I agree that we will have that band BACK TO PLAY AGAIN at Mr. Mambo’s (with an ironclad NO MERENGUE CLAUSE in the contract, of course).

Next Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social is SAT, SEPT 27, 2014 Celebrating General Yoon’s BDay! SAVE THE DATE & CLICK ON THE LINK FOR DISCOUNTED ADMISSION:…­