Its The Little Things- Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

So many little things in my life that I could gripe about along with the constant anxiety of possibly not measuring up or the fear I won’t accomplish all of my ambitious goals but the reality is that I have so much in my life to be Thankful For. I have good health, a strong, supportive family, reciprocal love from one whom I believe to be a life partner, friends who accept me for who I am which is not always easy and not who I pretend to be for the sake of good manners, the means to travel (on the cheap), healthy eyes for my passion of reading, nimble fingers for typing or writing, good hearing to consume good music, my laptop for global access, Affordable Health Insurance (Thanks Pres Obama!), a cellphone with the same number for decades for communication, decent credit, a wonderful global Salsa Community to dance all year long in any locale around the world, Costco for cheap bulk goods, and Social Media for everything/everyone else. On second thought, Who Am I To Complain- I AM BLESSED! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! May you too find the good in your life no matter how small to celebrate as you hopefully share this day with your family, loved ones, friends, and good food! .