Short Impressions of Performances at NY Salsa Congress

NY Salsa Congress 2014  performances which stood out for one reason or another. Eddie Torres & Vanessa (Italy) Funk/Pachanga Routine- This performance needs to be a building block for a one year installation in Vegas with all that involves including a hour long show with Eddie Torres Dancers, Mambo Legends Band, The Shiny Flashy Costumes, Shooting Fire & Water Theatrics, ...

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Salsa Faces

I was reflecting on my Dance Experiences at Pura Vintage Salsa Festival 2012 in Richmond, VA– which were wildly divergent- particularly reviewing the different Salsa Faces I make based on the dance experience I am having. The faces evolved over the years from experiencing many different types of dancers. Each Patented Face depends on the Status, Perceived Level, Perceived Enjoyment ...

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