[VINE] Kim Kardashian Crams To Understand

At an album release party for Theophilus London, Kanye and crew were jamming to some Young Thug while Kim Kardashian looks around blankly and confused trying to fit in.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t succeed…..    

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RoadTrip to Philly Salsa Fest 2014

The PhillySalsa Fest 2014 Fri, Oct 24, 2014.  A last minute decision to attend the Philly SalsaFest by a few DC Salseros and suddenly, we are on the road with a mission to get some dances with some pros and any of the hidden, heretofore unknown good dancers who may  lay in wait.  Listening to some Spotify random station playing ...

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Welcome to Tanyajsmith.com

I’ve been on Face Book and Twitter since 2008 (totally missing the MySpace and Friendster Era) initially for the sole purpose of promoting the Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social and as a proxy for keeping up with the exciting and highly curated lives of my friends and their shenanigans without having to call them daily.  But the status updates swiftly became ...

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