Another Reason to Hate 50 Shades of Grey I Hadn’t Thought of

As a connoisseur of Classic Literature Featuring Erotica, BDSM, & Kink since I was a WEE KID who read everything (Think Attributed and Unattributed (denounced) Novels by Marquis De Sade, Story of O, Any Book by Colette, Tropic of Cancer, The Delta of Venus, The Sexual Life of Catherine M.,- you get the picture), reading 50 Shades of Grey – ...

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Top 5 Salsa Videos from SalsaCon1 Festival in Seoul, Korea

I attended the SalsaCon 1 Festival otherwise known as the Seoul Salsa Experience Oct 7- Oct 14, 2013 organized by SalsaNerd.com Worldwide.  It was  GLORIOUS and I would recommend Seoul as a must go to/must experience destination for any self-respecting Salsa Mambo Dance nut. Click here to read about my experience: http://tanyajsmith.com/the-seoul-korea-salsa-dance-scene/ Jimmy & Saori.  1,161 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 3/0. Sol & Basara. ...

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Top 20 Most Popular Salsa & Bachata Videos of 2014 From Mr. Mambo’s Youtube Channel

Salsa & Bachata social dance videos selected were published in 2014 and had a minimum of 500 views with the most likes.  The order is based on descending order of Likes/Views. 1)  Brandon & Heidi Mr.Mambo’s Salsa Social.  5,987 Views.   Likes/Dislikes- 19/4. 2)  Jariel Garcia & Desiree Godsell Bachata Mad About Mambo Party.  1145 Views.  Likes/Dislikes- 16/2. 3)  Bobby & ...

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