My Car Needs Kevlar

(Title partially copped from my boy, Valentine)

As I was driving to my Bf’s house last night, I noticed the low engine coolant light alert come on and stay. The plan was to get anti-freeze when we wake up to hopefully address the problem. But going to the car this morning, Bf observes large pond of anti-freeze pooled on the ground around my tire. My Bf and one of his car savvy friends hoist car up to examine it and after several tests with flushing water in the radiator, they discover leaks and a BULLET SIZED HOLE in the front. 

Flash back to yesterday afternoon in my neighborhood- 3 People were shot on one of the side streets of my neighborhood. When I heard the 9 shots ring out, I called the police and gingerly venture outside where I witness mild mayhem. A guy is running around with blood dripping from his stomach and 2 other guys are laid out in the street apparently alive but not feeling very good (Shot up, is my guess). Police, Ambulance, neighbors all co mingle in a highly excitable state. But the one thing that really stands out in my mind is that MY CAR is parked in the middle of this excitement?! I normally park in front of my house but due to a lack of parking spaces, I was forced to park on the side street. BIG MISTAKE. The Takeaways- THREE PEOPLE AND MY RADIATOR WERE SHOT YESTERDAY. I think it may be time to move. My car radiator no longer feels safe in my neighborhood and I have to take her concerns into account.
The Mechanic where my car was towed just confirmed that my car was indeed shot and that the bullet passed through the radiator AND the condenser.  On the phone with my car insurance now to file a claim for vandalism and attempted murder.  Wish me luck.