BDAY Fun & Shameless Plug- Johnny Hardware

Yesterday was my 28th Birthday for the 5th, 6th, or 8th time (Who’s Counting) and it was a wonderfully tranquil day that touched my heart.  The day involved loving conversations from long distance close friends, a meaty uplifting chat with my Pops and my Brother, a delightful long dinner with my Mom and BF, and MUCHO LOVE from all of my CLOSEST Facebook Friends!   Anyone who bemoans the empty distractions of Facebook are QUICK to change their tune when their Birthday rolls around.  Your timeline on YOUR special Day of Birth becomes filled with well wishes from your real friends, acquaintances, and people who you have no clue existed but who befriended you from far flung areas because of a particularly racy, sexy picture you may have posted at one time or another.  This is not the time to parse the genuineness of the well wishers.  Instead, I accept all well wishers at face value and allow my ego to get a delightful boost while reveling in that familiar desperate terrain known as DELUSIONAL THINKING summed up by Sally Field in her Oscar Acceptance Speech so many eons ago, “You like me, You REALLY Like Me”.

 Hibachi 3
My Mom & BF took me out to eat at a Hibachi Restaurant to get some good grilled food and see a culinary theatrical show.  I am not unfamiliar with the Hibachi Chef show so I can safely say that this chef yesterday did a great job, comparatively speaking.  Bonus- the food was AWESOME!  Good times!
Hibatchi Restaurant1
Wrapping up my Birthday was an EXQUISITE, Absolutely Beautiful package delivered to me by my trusty mailman.  The package revealed a hand-made bracelet by my friend Giovanni, Designer/Ceo of Johnny Hardware Mens Jewelry line.  The colors are gorgeous, the craftsmanship superior, the stones luxurious, and the fit versatile and PERFECTO!  Johnny Hardware has been featured increasingly in many popular TV Shows like the Walking Dead, The Voice, etc  and is finding its way into high end boutiques on both coasts.  Although the jewelry line is designated as men’s wear, it is stylishly genderless in presentation.  Bonus Plus- Johnny Hardware is a Hardcore SALSERO who skills on the dance floor are equally stylish and SMOOTH!  I will debut my precious treasure at my OFFICIAL Bday Party at The Salsa Room with Mr. Mambo’s & TSR !
Great Pic1
 Good Pic2
Great Birthday- Blessed and Humbled.