About That Dating Naked Show On VH1

I was channel surfing and caught a couple minutes of some reality show called Dating Naked or something like that. And I’m watching the interaction of a group of people getting to know each other under the bright sun on a beach naked walking around trying hard to determine the person’s “REAL” personality and then CHOOSING which person each would like to get to know better. Beyond the titillating aspects of this premise including is this going to turn into some big orgy or gang bang later, I’m curious about this experiment and find myself lacking in the moral high character department.

Based on the two dates I saw, I KNOW I would have rejected these guys OUT OF HAND based on their bodies alone before I could have gotten to know them better to determine if we could have been a good fit. I think for me, if I chose to get to know someone in the biblical sense really fast, it would be best for me to be carried away by my natural attraction, OUR chemistry, and just the heat of the moment UNDER THE CANOPY OF SOFT DARKNESS before I get full view of their nakedness. Otherwise, let’s just call it what it is- unless they are really hot in the body department, I would need to be slightly drunk, highly amused by their jokes or charm, or just be in a dry spell from hell AND worn down by their begging.

The irony is that, I KNOW my body isn’t on point and I labor under severe insecurities about my body. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting close to Hot Masculine Perfection if I haven’t already fallen for the person’s personality to the degree that their body imperfections don’t matter as much.

Conclusion- I’m shallow as hell but experience has taught me not to value the outside without knowing the beauty and fitness of the inside FIRST

Written July 22, 2014